Xln broadband business plans

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XLN plans growth on new equity funding

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XLN Telecom offers business grade broadband which is totally unlimited with phone line rental plus cheap PAYG calls. Broadband comes with ‘up to’ 17Mbps download speeds, unlimited usage allowance, free installation, free wireless router, free internet security (XLN Secure) and multiple email addresses.

BT Business Call Essentials, the free call plan from BT with mins of free calls to UK landlines a month and the option for unlimited UK calls for £10 a month.

XLN Telecom. XLN is a lower cost service provider for business telephone and broadband which has been chosen by overUK small businesses which benefit from XLN wholesale rates.

Fibre Optic Broadband. BT Business broadband ensures that high-speed users are catered for by including fibre optic connections with a selection of its business plans. Speeds can grow to as high as 76MB/s on downloads and up to 19MB/s with uploads, making for.

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Xln broadband business plans
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