Rolfe reflective model

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Rolfe Reflective Model – Nursing Essay

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Reflective model according to Rolfe et al.

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Reflective model according to Kolb

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Reflective model according to Rolfe et al.

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This reflective model is probably amongst the simplest ones, as it is based on three questions only. However, this does not mean that the reflections should remain superficial, but should be as comprehensive as possible. Related posts: Reflective model according to Brookfield This is a brief description of how Brookfield's four lenses ; Reflective model according to Gibbs This is a brief description of how the reflective cycle ; Reflective model according to Rolfe et al.

This is a description of how Rolfe's model of reflection. Discussion and Summary. Knowledge was present in every model as a precursor to wisdom. The evaluation of the four derivation models resulted in the initial set of antecedents and characteristics as well as the following insights.

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Reflection – Why it Matters and How to Improve

Read the latest articles of Nurse Education Today at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. Contrast Two Reflective Practice Models. Contrast two reflective practice models: The two reflective practice models I have chosen to compare are Kolb1 and Brookfield2.

Reflective practice is intended to help the teacher evolve and develop. It is an essential aspect of continuing professional development and is seen as a fundamental process in improving the quality of teaching3.

Rolfe reflective model
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