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Magic Johnson: LeBron James will be model for young Lakers on how to 'dominate' on and off court

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Watch video · Perhaps most notably, Johnson -- who is a successful businessman -- noted how LeBron will be a role model for the young Lakers not only on the court, but off it as well.

Randy Constance Magic Johnson More than an average athlete Hum Dr. Richards In my life, I had many people who I really admire from Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Sean Carter (Jay-z), and Robert Johnson. Magic Johnson, byname of Earvin Johnson, Jr., (born August 14,Lansing, Michigan, U.S.), American basketball player who led the National Basketball Association (NBA) Los Angeles Lakers to five championships.

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The son of an autoworker, Johnson earned his nickname “Magic” in high school for his creative and entertaining ballhandling. He was an intense competitor who led his high school. It seems appropriate that the Lakers' Magic Johnson is the man who broke Oscar Robertson's NBA record for Robertson, Johnson, 31, who had 19 assists Monday night to give him 9, and MAGIC JOHNSON'S: Role Model: Laker Follows in the Footsteps of Robertson, With Assist Record Bonding Their Unique Abilities - latimes.

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IRVINE – Former Lakers star Earvin “Magic” Johnson told about at an environmental conference in Irvine this afternoon that role models are needed to help the younger generation in urban.

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