Explain guets model of hard soft loose tight dimentions hrm

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Soft and Hard Models of Human Resource Management

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Difference Between Hard and Soft HRM

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Human Resource Management in light of Theories

2 HRM is responsible and faithful enough to his/ her organization. 3 It concentrated on personal needs. Guest model has two dimensions; soft-hard and loose-tight dimensions. Soft approach deals with moving personnel and executives.

It mainly emphasizes on human of any organization. Soft approach. Guest’s model of HRM. This model is related with human resource management given by a commentator Guest. This model has two dimensions that are hard-soft and loose-tight. Another commentator Storey interpreted the two dimensions of human resource management that are hard-soft and weak-strong.

The different perspectives of human resource management (HRM): ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ human resource management, ‘loose’ and ‘tight’ human resource management ; models of Guest and Storey differences between HRM and IR and personnel practices; strategic approaches to HRM.

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1 explain Guest’s model of HRM

David Guest's (, ) model of HRM has 6 dimensions of analysis: HRM strategy; HRM practices; HRM outcomes; Behaviour outcomes; Performance outcomes; Financial outcomes; The model is prescriptive in the sense that it is based on the assumption that HRM.

Table Guest model of hard-soft dimensions of HRM HR polices can be categorized as two, tight and loose the different between a system based on compliance and system based on commitment. Compliance; they work because they have to do, for fear of.

Guest S Model Hard Soft Loose Tight Hrm described as a concept with two distinct forms: soft and hard. These are diametrically opposed along a number of dimensions, and they have been used by many commentators as devices to categorize approaches to managing people according to developmental-humanist or utilitarian-instrumentalist principles (Legge b).

Guest’s model of HRM Explain guets model of hard soft loose tight dimentions hrm
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