Barbie is a bad role model

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Barbie a good Role Model for young Children?

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Brainwashed by Barbie…What a doll!

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Is Barbie a bad role model?

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Barbie charities also nurture a child"s vocabulary skills. If there are able choices out there— and there are —why not mean them?. Not all moms are anti-Barbie, however. Many Circle of Moms members allow their children to play with the dolls, citing three main reasons.

First, moms argue that Barbie's negative effect on self. Barbie is committed to shining a light on empowering role models past and present in an effort to inspire more girls. Join the conversation. Share your role model using #MoreRoleModels. The Barbie isn't the perfect role model for young girls.

In a world that is largely affected by superficial standards and unattainable standards of beauty propagated by the media, young girls unconsciously view the Barbie’s appearance as their #goals and because of this the Barbie has come under fire.

First, moms argue that Barbie's negative effect on self-esteem is exaggerated. "It's just a doll," argued mother of three Teresa, who herself played with Barbies and feels there was no negative. Barbie is a bad role model for children.

-Barbie is an inappropriate toy for young children because children often want to be like there toys.-Unrealistic body porportions, that promote unhealthy life choices.-The Barbie company is advertising Barbie as a great doll and role model for young children.

Barbie is a friend, a stylist, a mentor, and even can become a role model for young children. Many Americans can easily reminisce and think of a humorous story about growing up with Barbie dolls.

Barbie is a bad role model
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